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Wou very strange today I went on facebook a new button called call on the part of the profile of a friend facebook. when I clicked on the typical window is opened and stayed facebook style without doing anything , I imagine what developers are creating a facebook innovative new option for all users .
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Look at the screeshot :

There you can see the call button, NEXT TO CHAT , is very strange and really has no action , studying the button enrealidad we can see that if you have stock and what makes http request is a call for the expected behavior comet ajax call type :

So following the logic , we can understand that this call , is investigating to make a call button , I realize that the ideea of this button is to activate webcam, which I think   they are implementing a button to make video calls , calls , webcam from facebook
Code study :
onclick = VideoEvents.inform ( VideoEvents.START_CALL , { idTarget : 1026955659 } ) ; "
So obviously we understand that it does make a video request facebook user .
Soon we will have web cam video on Facebook

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