Cloud computing Costa Rica - servicio computacion en la nube

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Your company must be in the cloud..! how?

Is your company in the cloud?
Is your business ready for the cloud?
How Cloud Computing Can Help You Scale Your Business?

The Cloud Computing promises to accelerate application deployment, increase innovation and minority costs while increasing business agility.

Cloud Computing is Innovation like Innosystem is.Check this images presentation

Cloud Computing? What does this mean.

Cloud Computing is a newer technology and application framework that is rapidly making changes on internet connected devices and services worldwide. Whereas the current model of business computing requires having a computer or work station that holds all your files, is updated to the latest software, contains the required hardware, this new concept moves all the files, advanced hardware onto servers that you connect to with your own computer via the network, and do all your computing "in the cloud". The term "In the cloud" is used because the practical management of the hardware that contains the files is abstracted, and they are only ever present on your computer when specifically downloaded.

How does it work

Networks of servers host the files, and in turn, technicians manage these servers, and you login to your account and access the resources and files, working on them and running software also hosted on those serves.

What other benefits are there?

Increasing the amount of work that can be done while mobile relieves tension and stress when dealing with deadlines. Work can be completed with more smaller segments which are easier to manage as opposed to a few large development pushes. Shorter arcs of work reduce fatigue and increase the quality and care put into the work.

When working as part of a team, cloud managed applications are guaranteed to always run the same version of software which enhances compatibility and shifts time usually spent on file converters and compatibility into time spent actually working on the project and making progress. Reliability is improved if multiple redundant sites are used, which makes well designed cloud computing suitable for business continuity and disaster recovery.

As for the management of the hardware and software, that necessity is solely in the hands of the technicians caring for the servers by installing in a timely manner new features, applying updates, maintaining security precautions which means the health and up time are maintained to an industry standard of 99.9%. This also removes the budgetary needs to employ full-time IT staff as part of your own company. By removing the block between your company and advance network communication and work by Computing in the Cloud, newer companies can perform more competitively in markets normally dominated by large businesses with extensive IT budgets.

Who computes in the cloud?

Anyone and any business can.

When can I start cloud computing?

Right now. If you think about it, you probably already do in some way shape or form, and the progress of developing new ways to manage files and do work from any remote location shows no sign of slowing - some manufacturers have designed laptops that only compute in the cloud. It's very likely that there will come a day that "computing in the cloud" becomes the norm.

Even before that day though, it's very likely you can benefit from doing business in the cloud today.

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