tp tracking people

Tracking people is a framework to track people in the internet capturing the ip.
This tool finds IP address of an RESOURCE(img,pdf,mp3) by parsing the request headers.

For example will be capture the ip of a user so we add some parameters, the name could be one, because imagen.jpg no exist is a MODREWRITE RULE, so we need to track a user whos like the cars we send a mail(mail in this case because is a unique private visite,not public) with the image , this image not is adjunt file! is an html image tag so the user will never be warning about somebody is tracking, because even if you check the link its a real image.

What is Arul's IP Address Tracking Program used for?
  •   You get abusive mails from somebody and want to know where it has come from!
  •   Someone mails you claiming to be from one place and you suspect that he or she is from another place
  •   You just want to track an email you received
  •   You want to trace an IP address or do an IP address lookup out of curiosity


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