get the owner of a facebook group

How to get the owner of a facebook group?

easy with the Graph API Explorer you can perform a query..



  "id": "75280946845",

  "version": 0,

  "owner": {

    "name": "Handri Febryanto",

    "id": "1212151120"


  "name": "ANONYMOUS",

  "description": "-
POP PUNK - this is our band MORNING BELLS in the first name of this
band.. and then we change it with \"ANONYMOUS\" hope this name can bring
the luck to us yeah...we hope on this year.. we can finish the things
that unfinished.We are currently finishing our new single 2010.
-BILL(drum) -HAEKAL(bassist) -UPIWS(guitar)\n"

  "link": "\n\n\n",

  "venue": {

    "city": "Bandung",

    "state": "Jawa Barat",

    "country": "Indonesia",

    "latitude": -6.91278,

    "longitude": 107.621


  "privacy": "OPEN",

  "icon": "",

  "updated_time": "2011-12-22T06:03:13+0000",

  "email": "[email protected]",

  "type": "group"

What if the group has a Htaccess rewrite in the url i mean, no ID, just a human name.. then right click over REPORT Link copy the url, extract the value of the key cid , example:

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