About Netdb Iot Search Engine

About Netdb Iot Search Engine

Netdb was founded at the beginning by James Jara and Bertin in 2015. I'm well-known as entrepreneur converting ideas into business.

I remember, when I was leading the "Information Security of Costa Rica" to have received an email about a new project, which was just an idea, I liked the idea, so I started the development process with the well know process for rapid development(I'm a tech lead), so using Scrum, nodeJS, express, python and hadoop I built the first version. I try so many services for data storage like Azure, Elastic Search, MongoDB, Lucene itself and more. but I choose Hadoop because we were processing big data. Bertin works on the scanners agents side, using some snippet code, which basically did tcp calls for different services(ssh/http/smtp).

It was going kind of well, but when I work on something I give my 100%. always, do more talk less.

So I was creating this platform Bertin was looking for some research, as team players, I was delivering high quality software with a really AMAZING QUERY BUILDER, so he can search inside our big data buckets.

For some reason that I prefer to not said.(unless be required) the communications broke(guess because I'm always expecting results, life is to short boys!). So as the contract broke too, I decide to continue by my own, anyway I'm the CTO.

The things get harder, when I'm at Bolivia at 8.8 , I'm giving a talk... showing the netdb search engine, when PLOP.  Error in the screen... well I'm always prepare to anything, so as backup I play the same thing, but recorded, the video. cool.

When I go to the hotel to check the log.  OMG database were deleted!
Our hadoop shards were destroyed, no way to recovery because it was so expensive to maintain, I could not afford the snapshots fee.

but as entrepreneur.. I'm always positive :)

So had another vision for the IOT SEARCH ENGINE solution. We have Shodan, Censys, zoomeye.. but what about having all sources together and execute actions over aggregated data?

YES! NETDB V2 comes to life!

and this is how I have been working in the new IOT Search Engine platform, that will have so many features that will take you to the moon.

Hackers, students, red teams, bug bounties hackers,  be PREPARE this IS FOR YOU!


Never quit

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