AWS IoT - Internet of Things on Amazon Web Services

AWS IoT - Internet of Things on Amazon Web Services

I'd like to announce AWS IOT which is helps you build IOT applications wereally make it easy for you to actually built Internet of Things applicationsthese things are really important of course the devices by themselvesmix of the device building that mr. sensor building those folks are actuallybuilt these sensors are really good in doing the hardwarethey're not necessarily is good and actually building the back and smartsthat actually need to go withso will give us the case that you can actually use on your devices to toactually then connect them into the cloud will give you network capabilitieswith MQTT and an HTTP to communicate back into into your cloud applicationwill of course make sure that these devices have a unique identity usingx.509 certificates and so we can have us generate the certificate for you or youcan bring your own certificates is that you can securely identify exactly whatthe devices and make sure that the data is encrypted on the network of coursewe have a love life of tools available for you to actually store and analyzeyour data and we will make it easier to actually build smart using lambdafunctions to be triggered by your IOT application like to invite to dr. Mattboots the one and only matwood on stage to actually give you a demo of how theIOT service is being usedMattyeahgood morning everybody thank you your honor so the NWS IOT platform allows youto much more easily connect devices to the AWS cloud and it allows your companyto more easily collect store analyze and take action against the large volumes ofdata that are streaming from your connected devices so let's take a littlebit of a closer look and see how all these pieces fit together so the firstthing we've added to AWS with iaws IOT platform is a device gateway and thisdevice gateway allows your connected devices to talk 

over the MQTT messageprotocolnow m TT is that you're really really old protocol is about thirty years oldhe's found a home with connected devices because it's a highly fault-tolerantprotocol which is perfect for intermittent connectivityit's got a very very small footprint in terms of the code you need to be able toput on the device and it's very very efficient in terms of the networkbandwidth requirements which makes it perfect for connected devices thesedevices talk over TLSthis is the successor of SL and we make it very easy to be able to create manageand deploy x.509 certificates for authenticationyou can also use fake version for on AWS if you're connecting by HTTP and you'reable to map the roles and policies for access to each of these individualcertificates and then authorize devices to have access to AWS coyote andassociate those roles and policies with AWS I am rollsyou're not only controlling access to the I IOT platform but also access tothe rest of AWS and this makes it really easy to be able to authorize new devicesbut also revoke access to devices without ever having to touch themso these devices difficult to provisions activated and associated in the AWS webmanagement console or through the AWS IOT APInow the device gateway because it's built on top of em qttuses a publication and subscribe programming model and this allows one tomany connectivity between your different devicesso the sensors that are moving and talking to the device gateway don't needto know who is sending data to they just send the data route and those are thesubscribe to the data will receive itthis enables a much more scalable environment for low-latency low 

overheadcommunications and it's much more easily to add things and devicesall they have to do is subscribe to the data and they can start receiving itthis is particularly useful as the IOT world starts to grow and billions ofdevices as that we expect to get added to the world start to communicatefrequently and with low latency and under the hood the device gateway isbuilt in a fully managed environment is highly available and so there's noinfrastructure for you to go off and provision and manage and we've teamedthis device gateway with a highly scalable rules enginewhat this rules engine allows you to do is take the messages which are beingpublished from your devices and then orchestrate and route them across yourinfrastructure your devices and your AWS servicesso you can write very very simple SQL like statements and you can justbasically use the information which is coming from the devices both the contentof the messageso you can inspect the data you can do Jason traverse or so you can get all thedifferent parameters inside the message payload and you can then add those tothe rules engine immediately and then start processing the information so inthis example we got it a rule to detect any sensors which are higher than 50degrees and you can also sense multiple devices you can add wild cards thesequeries and you can sense not just the content of the data but the overallcontextso you can take data from multiple sources multiple devices concatenate andaggregate them and we have dozens of inbuilt calculations and functions whichyou can add to these statements to be able to build very sophisticatedand at any time you can add additional rules into the rules engineso this means that you can continually add and improve the functionality ofyour devices without having to go and run around and install a whole bunch ofsoftware onso the rules engine integrates and routes this information it can republishthose messages into new pub sub topics so that other devices can consume themand so for example you may have a fan which can activate to take down thattemperature and it also in core castrates and sends information to awide range of 

AWS services you can trigger lambda functions you can putthis data into amazon kinesis you can store it in amazon s3 you can move thedata to Amazon DynamoDB you can even load it into Amazon machine learningso what are some of the use cases for this so what this allows you to dobecause you can now more easily collect aggregate orchestrate messages andcollect the data means you can start collecting and doing really interestingthings with ityou can take the time series information as a log and just loaded into DynamoDBthen you can have a companion app which will read from time 0 DB you can takethe information and save it onto s 3you can send a push notification to all of your staff let's say you've left theoffice door open you can trigger any amount of complexity with a lambdafunction and can send that information into Kinesis using Kinesis analytics andthese streams and computers fires so I just wanted to take one minute to giveyou a quick demonstration of what this might look like over here on the podiumI brought a friend with me this is a robotic arm which we bought and wired upit's connected to the AWS IOT service and what I have right here is a leapmotion controllerthis is going to detect motion in 3d above the controller and we have thissensing the information and sending it and publishing those as messages intoAWS IOT i'm going to go ahead and turn on the control herestop wiggling my fingers and you can see this straight away the robot arm isstarting to track my movementsthank you I can go up and down and I could literally do this all dayso what's happening here is the leap motion controller is detecting thismovementit's sending it and publishing that information into the device gateway thatdevice gateway is sending it down in the subscription model to the robot armwhich is connected here with a very simple microcontrollerso that's the end of the demo I move it down right now and

 if you'd like to takea closer look at thisyou can take a look at it in the developer lounge will make you be makingall the source code available on get out later todaythank you very muchyeahthanks map as great demo it also demonstrates all of this data wasactually flowing back and forth into ID into our East Coast regionyeah that's how fast responsiveness is int platform is giving you so let'slet's sort of revisit what are the different pieces of the platformthere is of course the device Gately that helps you with securitycommunicating between your devices and your IOT applicationsthere's the rules-based engine that makes it very simple for you to extendthe functionality without really having to write a large amount of code and thenthere is something called the registry the registryyou can keep data about your devices there and for example you can ask theregistrygive me all devices that are in this particular room that makes it very easyfor you to keep track of the devices for youbut there is one piece we haven't talked about yet that because it's not onlyabout driving sensor data into the cloud and analyzing it or storing itit's also you want to actually activate but communicating with those devicesmight be hide because they may be offline and so we we are delivering avery cool piece of the

 IOT service which is called device shadowsthis means that you can actually talk to the device shadowyou can actually he said he repeated the last reported state version states thatthe device has so communicated or you can actually set the actuators engine isitwhat is the state that i want this device to be in and then the deviceshelter will take care of communicating with the device itself to drive thechange at that particular devicethis is a really cool functionality because it makes it easy for you toactually control your devices without having to have the specific knowledgeabout how to communicate with that device and especially cuz these devicesare not connected all the timeRyan you can still easily program against the shadow to make sure thatwants to device comes online againit actually goes to the desired state and of course next to this you write alot of lambda codes to actually build sort of the smart of your applicationwith this IOT service going to selection of IOT devices devices is s the case soit makes it easy for you to actually build functionality only device tocommunicate back to the IOT service there will be investigating see becauseapparently most of the device programming these days still happens insee there's also a JavaScript SDK in this large regional library that makesit easy for you to actually control your junior boards and have and actually makeuse of the functionality to talk back to the audi serviceonly if you seen this actually around and around the whole this is handsanitizersyeah but you probably didn't know is that these hand sanitizers are actuallyinternet-enabled that's so what happens is the data from those devices that areall to spread out around the halls here that data actually flows back into acentralized system where you can see what the current status of thatparticular hand sanitizer whether you need to actually we knew a more fillthem up again and so this is a a making use of AWS IOT service to build thiswhole application for you againcould we communicate for the device gateway you have a set of rules thatautomatic them push the data into Kinesis for your effort for analytics aswell as storage in dynamo DB and where you can actually get your dashboardinformation about how about the status of the different of the differentdevices and of course you can also have a lambda function that ultimately weorder show hand sanitizer on amazon

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